Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Willa

I disappeared, but with good reason. Baby Willa joined the world seven weeks ago and life hasn't ever been so sweet. She surprised her mommy & daddy four weeks early and boy were we caught off guard! At 3:00 am on Wednesday, August 25th I awoke to my water breaking (it was really more of a trickle, but who needs all the gorey details?!). We laid in bed trying to wrap our head around what was happening... four weeks early, what the heck?! Jon and I were both so excited, but also a little nervous and as strange as it sounds we laid in bed for a few more hours and I fell back asleep. At 7:00 am, Jon jumped out of bed and said "Let's do this! Start packing... I have to put the stroller together!". Seriously. So, I called our midwife to find out if we needed to come into the hospital because I wasn't having strong contractions yet. She wanted us to come in and so we packed our bags, ate a big breakfast and off we went. I was 3 cm & 100% effaced when I got to the hospital and we were told we had to stay at the hospital because my water had broken and there was a risk of infection. I wasn't really feeling much in the way of contractions and I was nervous that they might induce me. Luckily, the midwife assured me that we had several hours until that would need to happen. We moved into our labor & delivery room and we set our music up and Jon helped me get comfortable. We were giggling the entire time.

My parents were already on a plane headed to see their soon to be grandbaby. Jon's mom & sister came by the hospital which helped pass the time. They were so excited about the new baby... I walked around the halls with my sister-in-law trying to progress the labor and she was sweet enough to rub my back. Things slowly started to pick up and my back started to ache pretty badly. Around 4 pm I was only 4 cm... ugh. Just when I thought they were going to have to give me some pitocin, Willa started to get antsy and things picked up in a big way. Each contraction was getting stronger and it became hard to talk through them. By 7 pm my parents arrived and they were so excited! I don't think I've ever seen such happy grins on their faces. I started to rely in Jon quite a bit as labor picked up... I kept trying to figure out which position was best, but I soon realized that I was going to feel every contraction strongly no matter how I was sitting. Around 9 pm, eighteen hours after my water broke I started shaking uncontrollably. The midwife told me I was a little past 6 cm and she encouraged me to take a hot shower. What, a shower?! I was so cold from shaking and decided that a shower might help the shivers go away. The hot water on my belly and back felt so good and I started to relax a little. Jon sat next to me and he reminded me to keep breathing and about an hour later (yes, I was still in the shower) I felt the most insane sensation to push. I have never felt anything so strong in my life... I couldn't breath anymore and all I could do was push, even though I knew I shouldn't yet. Jon and the midwife got me back to the bed and after a few minutes, the midwife checked me and and said "Courtney, when you are ready I want you to push! You're going to see your baby very soon". Jon put some new music on, Jim James of course. He held my hand and I pushed for the next hour until little Willa was here. When she finally arrived, she was so beautiful... she laid on my chest crying and with her wide eyes looked at Jon and I. We were in total love.

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  1. What a great story and a beautiful baby! Weren't the shivers the WORST?


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